"I started coming to Catherine before my wedding 12 years ago. She has been a fantastic motivator as I'm not what you'd call a 'natural athlete'. The sessions are always varied and she puts me through my paces, which is great as I really feel like I'm working hard. Not being a fan of cardio, I've now discovered weights which I really love and have just lifted a 102.5kg rack pull. My body shape has improved massively and my husband has complimented my 'noticeably firmer bum'!! Thanks for the motivation Catherine."

Claire Orton, Leicestershire

"Catherine is very professional and knows how to get the best out of me, always pushing me the right amount and keeping me motivated to train hard.  My strength and fitness has improved over the few months I've been trained by her and the sessions are always varied and enjoyable."

Gareth Pymm, Cycling Coach

"Catherine is a remarkable trainer.  I met her about a year after I had my baby.  I had never properly exercised before and my body confidence was at an all time low.  Now I can positively say she's changed my attitude to exercise and my body.

She is a great motivator and has endless patience.  Her expertise in running has really helped me go from being an avid hater of running to quite easily going for a 10k run.  Now I enjoy running and love seeing the results the training has had.  Catherine is also good at keeping my training sessions interesting, changing the routine and introducing new things.

If you want to be a 'Yummy Mummy' all you need to do is train with Catherine!!"

Karen Mcauley, London

"As an athlete I had already achieved a good standard of cardio fitness, but I needed something else to help me further improve.  That's where Catherine stepped in and developed a strength training programme to accompany my existing schedule.  She constantly pushes me and I'm always tired after her sessions, but I can definitely say that I've noticed the benefits.  I can now do a whole set of pull-ups as I have a much stronger upper body.  I'm also achieving faster race results in running - hooray!"


Nicola Roder, GB World Biathle Champion and gold medallist 2011