Free Fall in Stilettos

by Catherine Louise

I'm excited (and a little bit nervous) to finally introduce my novel, Free Fall in Stilettos. It's the culmination of scribbled notes, years of work and too many late nights!! Overall, it's a short romance novel and my very first book! 

Here's a flavour of what to expect...

A journey into the world of a flight attendant involving not only make-up, heels, nails and problematic tights, but a love and lust adventure following a hot date in Paris.


A stress-free beach read...,tuck it under your arm with your parasol!


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  • Live audience on Zoom with the Women's Institute 15 July 2020.

  • Interviewed live on Chat and Spin Radio 28 March 2020.

  • Book signing event at WHSmith on 28 September 2019.

  • Interviewed live on BBC Radio Leicester on 25 June 2019. 

  • Featured on the summer podcast of Matador books, which discusses market trends (click link).

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The Leicester Mercury (June 2019)

The Rugby Advertiser

The New Countesthorpe Herald

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Early Reviews

"Catherine's debut is superb - a fun and cheeky romp in the skies! Creatively written and fast moving all the way, you won't be able to put it down!"

Louise Pymm




"It's brilliant...well written...funny...relatable. Also, I can't believe the filth that comes out of your mouth or from your mind straight onto paper.


It flowed and it was an easy read. The sex was good, just's not a 50 shades style. I'm no expert but I am your average reader...and with kids it's easy to get distracted and not get back to a book. But I did with yours. I was made me laugh."

Louisa Knight


"Interesting insight into the life as a flight attendant...light-hearted and funny. Waiting for the follow on diaries!


Debbie Sorby




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Travel Finesse

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