• Catherine Louise

Book Signing

I was so pleased to get a book signing with WHSmith Fosse Park. I am really grateful to everyone involved for enabling me to take centre stage in the shop that day. I almost felt like a fraud, sitting behind a desk and acting at being the author! It felt more like playing a game of 'let's pretend'. I hid behind plenty of props, which somehow made it seem safe!

Then I soon realised that I had to get out from behind the props and actually speak to people! This was a matter of catching people's attention, asking what books they usually read and doing anything possible to bring the topic of conversation onto my book. I started to recognise the type of shopper that may be interested - older ladies that weren't in too much of a rush seemed to be my market! Thank you to all those I held a conversation with that went ahead a bought a copy.

Later that afternoon, I had to duck out of the store briefly, and my assistant (aka my mother) gladly took the reigns and my pen. I had to remind her that she wasn't going to be signing any copies! When I returned, I found her chatting up an older gentleman. I'm not sure what she said to him but whatever she did say, it worked, as he bought a copy!

Sometimes, I didn't always get it right with the 'type' of person that I thought might buy it. One lady I approached said, "I don't read that type of thing, thank you very much." That put a halt to any further conversation! I wasn't sure what 'that type of thing' meant, but I got a clear message. Another lady spent ages chatting and giving me her life story, and then decided that she didn't want to buy anything. I had a person in her early twenties who desperately wanted a happy ending in order to buy the book. My description of a 'happily for now' didn't quite cut it for her. Then my Mum became overly zealous and asked a random guy outright if he was interested in romances. You had to be there to appreciate the unintentional comedy gold, but his mouth gaped open and after the realisation kicked in, he quite rightly trotted off without giving any response!

Should I get the chance to do another book signing, then all helpers would be invited back (yes, even my mother!), - and they needn't necessarily be on their best behaviour!

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